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Helautomatisk kutter og fals med display


Vekt 200 kg
Dimensjoner 140 × 140 × 50 cm

Video og teknisk informasjon

• Slit, cut, crease in 1 pass, card Min 100gsm
Max 350 gsm
• Infeed to 330x900mm (#DM0212LT Long Table)
• Outfeed mini to 50x30mm
• The easy solution for card production
• Slit 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 rows min width 50mm, Min
gutter 3mm, not just to 3 rows with blacked out
size like on other machines
• Cut from 1 to 32 times min length 30mm, no
need for extra cassette like other machines,
crease 32 times min 0,5mm
• X/Y mark reader for image drift
• Card fit-to-page software, No need for separate
• Software to compensate for image shift X/Y,
shrink and stretch
• From 1 to 4 channels of programmable linear
strike perf( option) #DM0212SP
• Option: Barcode reader #DM0212BC, Ultrasonic
double detect, Tray for business card,
Crease module, Slid in cross perf tools, Linear
perf tools 1 to 4

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